James Robinson – further news

Twenty years on from his aborted emigration and the death of his wife Charlotte, the 1841 census shows James farming in Minster at Little Harps Farm with his second wife Ann (née Coveney – James had married Ann on 16 July 1821 at Minster in Sheppey) and their now five children; Adelaide, Ann, James, Sarah and Robert. Life seems to be progressing as one might expect.

The 1851 census makes interesting reading however. James (now 64) and Ann are by this time living at 4 Wandsworth Row, Lambeth with their daughter, Adelaide and her husband Henry Havill (listed as Head of household) and one-year-old child, his parents, his sister, his widowed sister and her child.
James’ occupation is still listed as ‘farmer’ while his son-in-law Henry is a butcher, carrying on the family trade. Quite what James is farming in Lambeth is unclear! Of course, they could all just have been visiting Henry and Adelaide when the census was taken (the 1851 census was taken on 30 March).

The Havills however are back in Minster by 1861 though, where Henry is a butcher on North Street, but it looks like James has by now died – the most likely dates are either 1852 or 1859 if his death is assumed to have taken place in Sheppey.


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