Edwards update

record entry

Just a quick note to update on the progress tracing James Edwards’ family. We now know that James joined the Metropolitan Police (warrant number 26177) on 25 September 1848 and was transferred to Devonport naval dockyard in 1861 (the Met were the force who policed the royal dockyards, not the local bobbies). He left the police in 1866 under something of a cloud – he was dismissed, but I’ll have to go to Kew to access his records to see why. He was a dairyman when he died in 1881.

We think his son William Henry who was born shortly after arriving in Plymouth, became a coach painter and/or a mason and we think we can trace him in the 1911 census and there’s a possibility he died in 1912 but we can’t as yet be certain. There are too many William Henrys to be sure of anything right now.

John Hodder Edwards, James’s eldest son, was a cabinet maker and was lodging with the Bovey household in St Mary Church after his mother Mary (née Rowe) died in 1890. What became of him after that remains a mystery.

We’ve had better luck tracing their surviving daughter, Elizabeth Kate Edwards. She never married and ended her days in 1932 in domestic service. Her death certificate shows that Alfred E. Ellicott, her cousin, was present at her death, and living only two doors down from her in Babbacombe Road.


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