Month: January 2016

New family

Susannah Grace Cave 003

Susannah Grace Cave née Ellicott

It’s been an interesting few days, all prompted by an Ancestry photo hint, resulting in a new family branch and Canadian cousin. Susannah Grace Ellicott, or Grace as she was known, was the Ellicott sister we knew little about. Third of eight children, she became the second wife of William Tull Cave and ran a boarding house in Hastings before WW1. William died in 1914 and after the war Grace and her sons William and Norman went out to Canada to join her daughters Ethel and Edith who had emigrated there in 1912. Edith had worked at the Ellicott shop in Torquay (and also turns out to be the last unidentified person in the family photo). Grace became a seamstress at the hospital in Toronto. She died in 1950.


My new third cousin, Sharen, has lots of information and photos of her Canadian relatives but knew little of the Ellicott family back in England so it’s been great working to tie our families together as well as having the excitement of finding a new cousin.