Welcome to the ongoing story of my efforts to trace my family tree.
So far, so obvious.

The aim in setting up this blog was partly to keep track of and share ongoing research but also to start telling the stories of some of my ancestors. I felt that if I could give them a narrative beyond the bare BMD facts, then I would gain a greater understanding of their, and my, history. I also want to make it lively with regular updates on what’s been happening, as well as expanding the stories in number and detail as more facts are uncovered.
There’s also an element of wanting to make the site inviting to read. Too many genealogy sites look quite garish and contain lists of family members with little or no context, broken links, no story and consequently no interest beyond those directly involved. Hopefully this blog will, in time, be an interesting and readable history of how I came to be here.

And the title? The Robinson family in the nineteenth century stuck fairly rigidly to the naming conventions of the time meaning that I’ve had to come to grips with some fifteen people named Philip Robinson in my tree.

Comments are open but moderated and I welcome your feedback and, fingers crossed, your useful input.




  1. Impressive. I guess there are a number of ‘geneasites’ around. But this is the first time I come across a ‘geneablog’ (one with style, at that). And the title.. ha..ha..!! Some idea indeed (there might still be more to come, maybe). Have a good time with your tracking. Cheers!

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