Looking for a death

Sounds macabre in any other context.

Having established the truth about Robert, I turned back to Philip Joseph Robinson. The intervening years had been spent on Leiths and Ellicotts, on Curries and Dockrays and quite productive they were, but now the niggling lack of a death drew me back. I kept looking at my pedigree chart and couldn’t help being irritated that for my great-grandparent’s generation the only incomplete person was PJ Robinson. Principally I had no clue as to where, when or how he had died.

I restarted a fairly desperate search for clues and found someone who claimed that he had died in 1941 up near the now Zimbabwean border. It seemed unlikely but there were no other leads. I turned to NAAIRS (National Automated Archival Retrieval System) and searched and found that there was indeed a record of a Philip Robinson dead at that time and place but it also said he had a surviving spouse with the maiden name Enslin. Hmm. It could be that he had married again and moved away from Kimberley even though we knew he was there until at least 1936. It was a bit of a stretch but I sent for the records anyway and prepared for the long wait.

Meanwhile, another researcher contacted me about Philip Joseph – did I have anything that would help her with her Philip Joseph, born in the same year and seemingly a cousin of my Philip Joseph? I didn’t think so but I had accumulated some stray records that I couldn’t definitely attach to him but that could possibly be about some other Philip (the blog’s title is starting to make sense isn’t it?).

And then it happened. Cat, meet pigeons …

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