Our Ellicott family are descended from Devon farming stock at least as far back as the mid seventeenth century. Although their circumstances improved over the years, generations of Ellicotts had steadfastly remained in the county mostly in amongst an area of small villages north east of Okehampton, until my maternal grandfather joined Cable and Wireless and travelled the world. If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

The earliest Ellicott ancestor we now* have evidence for is James Ellacott (the spelling has changed over time), who was born in the 1660s in Zeal Monachorum. His son John was born in 1698 also in Zeal and he married Elizabeth Fry in May 1722. Their son William had three wives, the first of whom, Mary Alford, was mother to his five (known) children. Eldest son Richard Ellacott was born in 1743 in Winkleigh and married Joanna Ansty in 1764 in nearby Ashreigney. Their son John was baptised on 19 January 1768 at St. James’ Church, and he married Elizabeth Newcombe, one year his junior, on 12 June 1787 at Sampford Courtenay. They had four children before John died in 1806; Mary born November 1787, John (1789), Elizabeth (1792) and William. William was born on 25 January 1795 and it is with him our story begins.

William Ellacott
William Ellicott
Alfred Edgar Goss Ellicott
Edgar Lionel Ellicott

Ellicott pedigree chart

*updated 30 October 2014


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