Andrew Joseph Robinson (1856-1883)

Andrew Joseph Robinson was born on 15 April 1856 in Cradock, the eighth child of Philip and Martha. He must have been about 14 when the family moved to Newton, Kimberley.

He married Sarah Frederika Vercuil in about 1877 and they had, so far as we know, only one child*; Philip Joseph Robinson. Andrew was a milkman when at only 27 years old on 25 September 1883, he died. Unfortunately South African death notices do not list a cause of death so at this time we can only speculate; there was a smallpox outbreak in late 1883 but no indication that I can find that this reached beyond the community of Basuto labourers working the De Beers mines.

Sarah remarried less than three years after Andrew’s death in June 1886. Her new spouse was Johan George Conradie, but once again Sarah proved unlucky in love when Johan himself died in 1896.

Sarah died in 1945 on 22 May. She died with the name Sarah Cahill and had been widowed for a third time some 20 years earlier. We have yet to find records of exactly who her Mr Cahill was but he was reported to have died at church.
Sarah was buried in the West End Cemetery, Kimberley; Block D row I, grave nr 1 – there is no stone. She left no will or estate.

*there is only one child listed on Andrew’s death notice but that is not to say there was not another child or two that did not survive infancy.


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